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Important Absentee Ballot Update!

Make sure your ballot is counted!

MnRA has been working in parternership with the Minnesota Secretary of State to communucate voting options in this unsual pandemic election. Below is an edited version of what the Secretary of State's Office communicated to us relative to recomneded changes for those submitting an absentee ballot.  Please share with your neighbors, customers annd employees! Let's make sure every vote counts.

ABUpdateYesterday's  U.S. 8th Circuit Appeals Court reversed the consent decree of the Ramsey County Court which established the extension (postmarked by 11/3; received by 11/10) for returning an absentee ballot (AB) by mail.  It is incredibly important that everyone hear of this change, and their options if they have mailed back their AB or are planning to.  The voter makes the decision, but if they are concerned about their vote arriving in time to be counted, please share the following:

NOTE: The system will not allow a voter to vote twice.  When voting early in person, the site will confirm the voter is eligible to vote early (has not turned in a ballot already), and at the polling place, the roster will reflect if the voter has had an AB accepted already.  For ABs received on Election Day, the county will contact the polling place to confirm that the voter has not voted in person, accept the AB, and instruct the Roster Judge to mark an AB next to the voter’s name (or update the E-Poll Book).

3. If a voter has their AB which was mailed to them or had been previously picked up:

    • ADVISE THEY DO NOT MAIL THE AB BACK.  While it is the voter’s right to return the AB by mail, there is no way to guarantee that the mailed AB will arrive by 11/3.
    • Assuming that the voter is eligible to use the location, any AB may be returned at a drop box, early voting location, or county Elections Office.  (Again, make sure the voter is eligible to use that location.  County Elections Offices are open for drop-offs for all residents of the county.)  (This list was updated with additional sites and drop-off locations on Tuesday, 10/27.)
    • Minnesota law allows a person to drop off up to three ballots for others during an election (not per trip or per day) in person, but not using a drop box (unless the drop box has someone there to track users).  The person dropping off ballots will need to show identification and identify whose ballots they are turning in.

Retailers Tell Us Capacity Increases Are Needed As Winter Hits & The Holidays Approach; One In Three Worry About Their Viability

Recently the Minnesota Retailers Association along with several local chambers of commerce surveyed retailers relating to the current COVID customer capacity restrictions in place across the State. Overwhelmingly retailers subject to the current 50 percent capacity restriction indicated a strong desire to move to at least 75 precent before the Thanksgiving holiday, with one in three retailers saying the viability of their business depends on an increase.

Retailers indicated such an increase is important as they have leveraged their businesses to invest in seasonal and holiday inventory. And after being closed to in-store customers and soft sales during the pandemic, the final few months of 2020 are a make-it or break-it sales season for many.

The vast majority of retailers report they feel prepared for more capacity and have the processes and systems in place to do so safely and comfortably for both customer and employees, and a capacity increase will result in the addition of seasonal and long term job opportunities for Minnesotans across the state at a critical time.

In addition, the survey showed retailers are proud of the job the industry has done during the pandemic and are aware this is not the year for large crowds, as can be typically seen on holiday traffic days such as the day after Thanksgiving. As such, many retailers are spreading sales out over a longer period and with continued alternative shopping options including curbside, delivery and shipping.

Retailers also told us the State has a role to play in partnership with retailers to continue to tell the story of how this industry is responding to the pandemic and the precautions taken to protect consumers and employees.

MN Retailers IMPACT Endorses Candidates

Mn Retailers IMPACT fund says candidates are good for Minnesota consumers, retailers, and communities



Today Mn Retailers IMPACT announced the endorsement of these candidates running for the State Legislature:

Minnesota House
Tama Theis- 14A
Sondra Erickson- 15A
Chris Swedzinski- 16A
Dave Baker- 17B
Joe Schomacker- 22A
John Petersburg- 24A
Brian Daniels- 24B
Duane Quam- 25A
Gene Pelowski Jr.- 28A
Greg Davids- 28B
Marion O'Neill- 29B
Paul Novotny- 30A
Kurt Daudt- 31A
Anne Neu- 32B
Jerry Hertaus- 33A
Kristin Robbins- 34A
Peggy Scott- 35B
Zack Stephenson- 36A
Donald Raleigh- 38A
Bob Dettmer- 39A
Jim Nash- 47A
Heather Edelson- 49A
Steve Elkins- 49B
Tony Jurgens- 54B
Tony Albright- 55B
Roz Peterson- 56B
Jon Koznick- 58A
Pat Garofalo- 58B

Minnesota Senate
Thomas Bakk- 3
Kent Eken- 4
David Tomassoni- 6
Bill Ingebrigtsen- 8
Paul Gazelka- 9
Torrey Westrom- 12
Jerry Relph- 14
Andrew Mathews- 15
Gary Dahms- 16
Julie Rosen- 23
John Jasinski- 24
David Senjem- 25
Carla Nelson- 26
Jeremy Miller- 28
Michelle Benson- 31
Mark Koran- 32
David Osmek- 33
Warren Limmer- 34
Jim Abeler- 35
John Hoffman- 36
Roger Chamberlain- 38
Karin Housley- 39
Ann Rest- 45
Melisa Lopez Franzen- 49
Eric Pratt- 55
Dan Hall- 56
Kari Dziedzic- 60

“These candidates have demonstrated an appreciation for what the retail industry offers Minnesota’s economy as the industry supports 788,000 jobs across the State. Each endorsed candidate is a supporter of Minnesota's consumers, retailers, and our communities,” said Mn Retailers IMPACT treasurer Bruce Nustad.

Mn Retailers IMPACT is funded through personal contributions used to support candidates who appreciate retailer contributions to Minnesota communities.

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