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Is Retail on Legislators' Agenda?

Minnesota Legislature convenes this week

Minnesota's Legislature convenes at noon this Tuesday with many new faces and several veterans returning to the Capitol to do the work of the people of Minnesota. With the DFL leading the Minnesota Senate and House, as well as holding the Governor's office, retailers across Minnesota will be intently assessing the focus and progress of this year's Legislature.

At the top of the Minnesota Retailers Association (MnRA) agenda again this year is mainstreet sales tax collection fairness, or E-Fairness. Given the discussions Governor Mark Dayton and legislative leaders have had surrounding comprehensive tax reform, E-Fairness and many other tax policies are likely to be given serious consideration this year.

MnRA's agenda extends beyond E-Fairness and includes concerns about potential taxes on food, clothing, and retail services, in addition to increased excise taxes. MnRA plans to engage the Legislature in conversations about what Minnesota's future tax systems looks like and how it impacts Minnesota's retail community.

In addition to E-Fairness and taxes, MnRA has several other items on its agenda for this legislative session, including advocating for changes in convenience gas payment mandates, pharmacy law updates, and organized retail crime penalty enhancements. MnRA has also identified extended producer responsibility, competitive interchange fees, and Minnesota's healthcare exchange as areas where the association will aggressively represent our retail members.

With one in four Minnesota jobs directly dependent on the vibrancy of the retail industry, we hope retail is strongly on legislators' agenda this year.

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Rochelle Westlund

Rochelle Westlund is Director of Government Relations with the Minnesota Retailers Association.

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